Serving Olathe, Lenexa, and Overland Park since 2018


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Kansas City's Easiest Oil Change... and more

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  2. Toss us the keys
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our services

Vehicle Pick-Up


Includes our signature quick lane oil change package

Routine Maintenance


Fluids, filters, and common preventative maintenance items.

Repair Services


Need something fixed or your check engine light is on. 

With our convenient vehicle pick-up  service, we can handle your service needs from start to finish, or deliver your car to your favorite dealer or mechanic for service. provides digital age convenience with 5-star hometown service!

"The whole process from setting the appointment, handing off the car, and paying the invoice online was seamless... I am very impressed with clutcher and will definitely use it again."   - Joe 

"...wonderfully convenient, affordable, and better than expected." - Anna

"So convenient and easy." - Jake

Google clutcher Overland Park to see what others are saying about our 5-Star  service!


(913) 526-2930